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                  Brief Introduction of Suizhou Economic Development Zone

                  Suizhou Economic Development Zone is a provincial development zone approved by the provincial government in March 2006. At present, it has Xihe Town under its jurisdiction, with an area of 305 square kilometers, a population of nearly 200,000.
                  Suizhou Economic Development Zone has convenient transportation and advantage location. Han-Yu Railway and national highway 316, Han-Shi Expressway pass through, Jue River and Fu River are surrounded in the southeast Baiyun Lake Darn is close to Wangchenggang Industrial Park, Bigui Garden is across the river It is an hour's drive from Wuhan airport, forming a criss-cross transportation network extending in all directions It is an ideal place for Chinese and foreign businessmen to I invest and settle down. Many well-known domestic companies such as Bird Electronics, Wuhan Jianming, Qingdao Beer and Aerospace Double-dragon, as well as international famous enterprises such as South Korea Electronic have been introduced successively.
                  There is East City Industrial Park, Shenzhen Industrial Park and Xihe Mapu Industrial Park in the Economic Development Zone, which covers a total area of 20 square kilometers. It focus on attracting investment for more than 50 million yuan, tries to build Suizhou Economic Development Zone the important place in central region and influential special purpose automobile production base in China, important LED, electronic information, textile industrial base in central, as well as food, Steel Logistics Center, important food processing, pharmaceutical and chemical industry base in northwestern Hubei by 3-5 years' efforts.


                  Development Planning and Project Access Conditions

                  According to the plan, in the period of “ the Twelfth Five-year-plan”. Suizhou Economic Development Zone will focus on the goal of creating 40 square kilometers development platform,constructing national high-tech industrial park, developing “Six Industries.”
                  Automotive mechanical industry will introduce various types of vehicles and parts project relying on 8 square km East Industrial park. At the same time, actively build vehicle inspection center, research center, exhibition venue. It strives to build Special Purpose Vehicle Industrial Park with value of over 20 billion Yuan in three years.
                  Electronics industry will focus on the development of IT electronic and opto-electronics industry, relying on 200,000 square meters standard factory in Wangchenggang Industrial Park. It strives to build an important influential electronic information industry base in the Central China, with exceeded value of 5 billion Yuan in three years.
                  Agricultural processing industry will construct 5 billion Yuan industrial clusters relying on the East Industrial Park and of the existing food and beverage companies.
                  Textile and garment industry will introduce foreign capital to build a number of backbone enterprises with high starting point and the new products, relying on the Wangchenggang Industrial Park and technology, personnel, raw material advantages It strives to cultivate 3 billion Yuan industrial clusters as soon as possible, and revive the traditional advantages of Suizhou cotton textile industry.
                  Chemical industry will undertake chemical projects which is in line with industry and environmental requirements, relying on the city's unique chemical industrial zone which is on the construction with the investment of 500 million Yuan, covering an area of 5 square kilometers. It strive to create the pharmaceutical and chemical industry cluster which is combined of agricultural chemicals, fine chemicals, bio-chemical on the whole with output value of 5 billion Yuan.
                  New materials industry will focus on building photovoltaic industrial park relying on 6,000 tons polysilicon project of Jingxing Technology It strives to develop upstream and downstream industries of polysilicon, create 5 billion Yuan solar industry cluster which is in a leading position of the industry.

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